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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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sierra - that could have ben worse. the phone call that d a life, after when that call came from my brother it was a miracle. >> a disaster in the sierra that could have been much worse. the phone call that saved one life after one other had been lost in the snow. >> they accuse me of running concentration camps. >> he doesn't exactly embody
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bay area values. what happened when arizona's infamous sheriff joe spent a day in san francisco. >> for anyone who has let loose a nasty review on yelp, be careful. what you write can get you sue. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. even her doctors don't know how she survived. a woman missing for a week was found by her brother who refused to give up the search. >> it's been a rough haul waiting all those days. >> cbs reporter describes the woman's ordeal as she waited and eventually went for help. >> last night -- >> reporter: linda says it's a miracle her sister survived. paul la lane spent six nights
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stranded in the elements. surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> she's a survivor. she loves life. >> reporter: last thursday paula and her boyfriend rod clifton were on their way back. rod left to find help but never returned. a day later, paula went looking too. >> it's been a rough haul waiting all those days trying to know if she made it or not. >> reporter: rod didn't survive and time was running out for paula. last night paula's family told her twin sons their mother may not be coming home. but shortly after that her brother found paula. >> when that call came from my brother it was a miracle. >> reporter: paula is expected to fully recover from nothing more severe than minor frostbite. >> she was one very lucky person. i don't know what she did. what footwear she had.
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gods good grace, but she was lucky it wasn't more severe. >> reporter: paula's doctors say her psychological feeling could take longer after enduring a week long nightmare. she'll recover with an extremely thankful and loving family by her side. >> last night when my brother called and i took the call and hear him say i found her, i found her, i can't explain it for you guys. >> reporter: paula is expected to be released from the hospital early next week. her family says she wants to tell her story. in carson city. >> he is one of the toughest law men in the west and probably the most politically polarizing. some san francisco students made that clear when they wrote to sheriff joe about his hard line immigration stance. he planned to answer them in person today but that never happened. cbs 5 recorder linda yee asked the questions instead.
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>> reporter: he's america's toughest sheriff. joe admits he courts controversy. >> welcome to san francisco. >> reporter: he got a dose of that when drag queens invaded his dinner party. the sheriff is in town for a convention. he hoped to reach out to eighth graders at a middle school who sent him letters. students wrote in spanish their disagreement with his fight against illegal immigrants and his tent prisons in the desert sun. >> they called may racist. i just wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. >> reporter: he had to set the set the kids straight but the district canceled the meeting. the rep said she was too busy but denied there ever was a meeting. the sheriff defends arizona law that allows his deputies to
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check people's citizenship. >> so you don't speak english. you have no id. you can't tell where you're from or anything else. >> reporter: that would be the criteria? >> that's part of it. that's suspicion. it's lower than probable cause. and then we have a right to call immigration and check you out. >> reporter: i think just because somebody doesn't speak the language doesn't mean they're not citizens. >> i didn't say that. i said -- >> reporter: that's one of the criteria -- the sheriff's reach is being investigated. a two year investigation found latino drivers are 4 # toe 9 times more likely to be pulled over than nonlatinos. racial profiling is illegal. >> it's immoral and illegal. we do not racial -- i'm an equal opportunity guy. >> reporter: what do you say to people who call you racist? >> the answer is no. period. i don't have to try to justify
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those allegations. i know what i am. >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> tonight residents of washington state can smoke marijuana legally as long as it's in private and no they don't need a prescription related to terminal cancer or restlessness. washington is the first state in the country to legalize the drug for recreational use. this is where you cheer or boo. but as john blackstone temperatures us, even those who must enforce the law are foggy on details. >> reporter: at seattle police headquarters given the task of explaining the new marijuana law. what do you call it? >> marijwhatnow. it's a guide. >> reporter: a lot of people are saying that. it will take a year for the state to write regulations for
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selling marijuana legally. that leaves confusing gaps. it's still illegal to smoke pot publicly. you can possess it. you can buy it, but nobody is allowed to sell it. nobody is allowed to grow it right now either. how do you get legal pot? >> i couldn't tell you. >> reporter: the new law passed with 56% of the vote. supporters say it will save police and courts time and money. since 2001 more than 130,000 people have been arrested in washington state for marijuana possession. legal marijuana sales could generate washington $500 million a year in taxes and business. opponents worry legalization will lead to more people using drugs. >> this is not what you're going to pick up in baggy at the corner. >> it's the opposite. >> reporter: a former microsoft executive has plans for up market marijuana shops.
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>> we're positioning premium marijuana similar to a fine cigar. something to be saverred. something to be consumed in moderation. >> reporter: the new stores would be modeled after those in many states for alcohol. by next month a similar law will go into effect in colorado. but all those big plans could go up in smoke because of federal law. the justice department says it's studying the situation here in washington but the feds have warned residents of the state that under federal law all marijuana use is illegal. >> well, if you've ever bashed a business online, beware. those nasty comments could cost you. a virginia woman got slapped with a $700,000 lawsuit for criticizing her contractor. her scathing reviews on angies list and yelp included pictures of the jobs.
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when she suggested that he also stole her jewelry, then she crossed line. he fired back with a $700,000 defamation lawsuit. >> i think we presented evidence the work was not completed, he charged for work that had not been done and that the workmanship was very door. >> i believe people should have the right to state how they feel, but when you state stuff as fact and it's not fact, there has to be some type of for lack of better words, punishment. >> this week a judge ordered the woman to remove any allegations of theft from her posts. the court hasn't decided whether there are grounds for a defamation case. >> a crab scab who buzzed into town has fishermen furious. crabbers are on strike because fishmongers want to lower the price from $3 a pound to as low as $1.80. they say no deal.
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things got really hot when a boat came in from oregon with a catch. >> i'm just trying to move a little product to try to keep everything going. >> strike here. >> nobody is making money. >> negotiations are still going on. for now local fish markets and grocery stores are quickly running out of crab. >> some comcast customers who want to watch television are seeing nothing but a black screen with a message on it. the message says your tv is not yet ready for comcast digital network. cbs 5 received phone calls and e-mails from customers wondering where the signal went. the cable company is completing the final phase of its switch over to digital signal. in order to watch television you need a set top box or digital adapter. >> they can call us and we'll send them the equipment. they can install it themselves.
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it's very easy. or visit any of our xfinity service centers to pick up the equipment. >> here's what it looks like. the adapters are free for the first three. there is a nominal charge if you have more than three televisions. >> the game didn't go their way tonight. but still some good news for raiders fans. nfl commissioner roger goodell says the league is willing to help build a new stadium to keep the team in oakland. he put a number on that pledge to the tune of $200 million. goodell says the league's investment would require a deal between the raiders and oakland officials. a big milestone for the 49ers stadium. it topped out today with two beams at the structure's highest point. they were signed by the teams, city leaders and construction workers. >> for years it has been the only blemish in apple's
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gleaming image. its contractors labor practices. now word that apple is going to start doing some insources. what that could mean for the california economy. >> if you're against it signing up here. >> they're prepped for a fight against a corporate giant. why some members of this neighborhood are determined to prevent the opening of yet another starbucks. >> mother nature offering us a break tonight. there is nothing, zero rainfall on high def doppler. we're coming up on a weekend. will it stay dry for saturday and sunday? here's a live peek outside. we'll see if the forecast looks good.
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america" label is the latest thing from apple. the silicon valley giant is aboo spend millions to begin makg computers in the a made in america label is the latest thing from apple. about to spend millions of dollars to begin making computers in the united states. len ramirez on how the company is trying to tap into a hot new consumer trend. >> reporter: apple fans love their iphones. ever look at the fine print? it says designed by apple in california, assembled in china. all apple products are made in china. that's about to change. ceo tim cook announced starting next year one line of computers will be designed and built in the usa. >> i think it's a big surprise. >> reporter: cnet says with one line of macs and not the iphone or ipad, apple is not taking a huge risk. >> for apple to say this is something they want to do that they want to manufacture here in the united states, it's a big deal.
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it's a big differentiate tore for this company. >> reporter: this is the image that apple likes to show. that has been tarnished by sweat shop conditions at the chinese factories. nets were installed outside the dormitories run by apple contractor to prevent suicides after several contract workers jumped to their deaths. after widespread media reports apple began to improve conditions. >> they love the computers but we were saying i don't know, it's not conscious consumerism which is what we're looking at now. where is your money going. what is it supporting? >> reporter: made in america may be an emerging trend. apple isn't the first. google announced its new media streaming device is made in the usa. speculation is now rampant about what computer and where in the u.s. apple will
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manufacture. some see apple's decision as a pr move. one user says it's right for the times. >> i hope it's something tangible. they should intentionally think of their shareholders but also stake holders. people on the ground working on the apple phones. >> reporter: low worker wages and low shipping costs were some of the reasons companies moved their manufacturing overseas. fuel costs are up and worker wages in china have risen 15 to 20% in recent years. >> after doing some downsizing starbucks is back to brewing up expansion plans. they include yet another san francisco store at market and sanchez. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us some are trying to grind that to a halt. >> reporter: there are 85 starbucks properties in san
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francisco. could we 86 the 86th? >> it will change the character. >> ity it will be a good addition. >> reporter: starbucks wants to add 1500 new stores in the u.s. over the next five years. neighbors are stirring up trouble for another one planned near the castro district. >> if you're against it signing up here. >> reporter: wendy runs sweet inspirations bakery down the street. >> we don't want a starbucks on the corner. we want this to remain locally owned business ace long this strip. >> reporter: in three weeks she's helped gather 1800 signatures against it. >> do you have any more filled if? >> reporter: she and others worry starbucks will drive up the rest of the neighborhood. not to mention taking business away from local shops. there are already two just about a block away. >> our concern is not only the coffee business but the food business. >> reporter: starbucks did just
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buy bakeries around the bay area. >> one thing starbucks is good at is driving footprints. >> reporter: which is why terri bennett is for it. she's head of the merchants of upper market. >> i think most of the coffee shops up there have long, loyal customer following and people aren't going to change where they go. >> reporter: starbucks will bring in 15 to 20 jobs. a community space for meetings, more customers for neighboring business. the question opponents ask, how many starbucks do we really need? mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> we have breaking news tonight. firefighters are trying to figure out what is causing smoke to waft from a building that houses a number of restaurants. this is near the corner of san felipe. there is a pasta and a panda
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express in that building. firefighters believe something electrical may be to cause. about 10 minutes ago they called for a third alarm. we'll report back if anything changes. >> we are clearing out tonight and cooling down. napa 43. san rafel 45. also in the 40s for concord. what about the weekend? i have the answers coming up.
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trying to figure out what causing smoke to waft from a we want to go back to that breaking news out of san jose. firefighters are trying to figure out what is causing that smoke to waft from a building that houses a number of restaurants. there is at the corner of san -- san felipe. no flames are visible. firefighters believe this might be an electrical fire. they just called for a third alarm about 10 minutes ago. we're going to keep an eye on
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that. >> we're keeping an eye on the sky, which is pretty fare today. >> not a bad day. we've had a lot of rain. we'll take clouds without the rainfall. it gets better as we get toward the weekend. 12 of the past 20 days it has rained in the bay area. zero on the radar. high def doppler is dry tonight. one forecast issue to talk about. off to our east. tremendous amount of fog in the central valley. often if the setup is right some of that fog will work its way back into the bay area. the east and north bay being the top two hot spots. otherwise, it is all about high pressure. giving us a dry, sunny,
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northwest flow of air. a whole lot of sup shine on saturday and sunday. the weather winning streak continues into next week. watch out for the fog tonight. weekend saturday, sunday is going to be wonderful. good weather to get outside if you do some of that christmas or holiday shopping. 61 for concord. average high is 57. santa clara, 64. san jose, 64. along the coastline, 60 or 61 degrees. with the fog to start, cooler in the afternoon. san rafel, 61. downtown frank is 60-degrees on a friday afternoon. gorgeous weekend. mainly sunny skies. mid60s. we are dry on monday and tuesday. slight chance of a shower toward the middle of next week. the drop in temperature. highs only in the mid50s starting next week.
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that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> peyton manning made his first appearance in a bronco uniform against the raiders. could the raiders offense keep up with the future hall of famer? we'll show you next. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets, your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients.
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and the the raider the peyton manning show landed tonight. the raiders got an up close look at why denver is a super bowl contender. raider head coach coaching just two days after the death of his father. manage threw for 310 yards. started early. it was 7-0 denver on their opening drive. late second quarter.
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13-0 denver. carson palmer to mcfaden playing for the first time since november 4th. 13-7. 16-7. palmer hits. denver recovers inside the oakland 5. you know what that means. it was 23-16 the final. oakland loses their sixth straight game. dennis allen spoke about losing his father and coaching after the game. >> i went home on sunday and took my father off life support. and that's not easy to do. so was it hard? yeah, it was hard. but i know my father would want me to be here with this football team. and i wanted to be here with this football team. >> yeah, tragic ending to his father's life. it was unexpect. he had a heart attack and they decided to let him pass away. but his father, he thought would want him to coach the raiders. >> his father played in the
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nfl. >> yes, he did. >> and grew up playing football and watched his son play football. >> right. >> and the raiders wanted to rally around him as best they could. we talked about this, the raiders do not have the talent. it's going to be a long off season for that team. >> next year. >> rookie coach. >> we can talk about next year. a lot of years. >> we're very optimistic people. >> yes, you are. you're a raider fan. >> through and through. >> always next year. >> you even got your raider colors on tonight. >> nice. thanks for watching cbs 5. ,,,,
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